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Maigin Blank Burlington -Whales Maigin, Waterfall Humans Vs. Zombies Synthia Sensate
Maigin Blank

A Multitude Of Music

Whales is almost near completion of our sophomore album ‘On the Floor’, with our first returning show at the PRF BBQ 2013 in a week and then back with playing with our favorite tour buddies, MINUTES from Kalamazoo, MI. This album will be released on vinyl and mp3 only. No more cd coasters. I also […]

Burlington -Whales

Whales Recording New Album

Whales will be going into the studio in March to record our sophomore album. We will be recording with engineer Greg Norman at Electrical Audio and his home studio. We are very excited, needless to say. We’ve recorded a song with Greg once before, and it was a fun time. The album will be released […]

Maigin, Waterfall

A New Year

Stagnant music writing in the past, not so much for the future. Will be posting more frequently new music.

Humans Vs. Zombies

Music in the Humans Vs. Zombie Movie

Very excited to announce that my music is in the new Humans Vs. Zombie movie. The movie premiered on 11.11.11 nationwide. It may also be on Chiller TV at some point next year. If you’re interested in finding viewings in your area, please visit the official HVZ Facebook page and become a fan too.

Synthia Sensate

Free Music Available For Download

Hello there, it’s been awhile since we last spoke. Times have changed and I am no longer on Itunes. It was sad to leave, but it was costing me more money to have it there then there was any interest for. Which has brought me to Bandcamp (besides the flute playing). I have added new […]